We had two major scientific events in the last 18 months:

Colorectal study day in November 2014

We had a panel of international speakers discussing topics in colorectal surgery. Our results in cancer and benign surgey have been discussed as well. Our figures have been found to be equal and in some parameters better than the UK average.

Improving the outcome of Colorectal Surgery 



Jersey Proctology Day April 2016

We had yet again a panel of international speakers discussing modern treatment of minor anal conditions like Haemorrhoids, Fistulae and other skin conditions around the anus.

We had a successful live operating session during which the Leonardo Laser equipment was used as a first in the UK.

Please see some of the presentations (viewer's discretion is advised):

       Normal defecation and Haemorrhoids - Miklos Kassai MD EBSQcolo

       Perianal Skin Conditions - Eva Csatár, dermato-proctologist, Hungary

       Laser treatment in anal diseases - Arne Wilhelm surgeon, Germany